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Acne Treatments for Teens & Adults

Acne Help: Clearer, Softer, Smoother Skin

Acne is super stubborn ... so there is no one-size-fits-all treatment. But there is good news!

Acne can be treated successfully—thanks to our non-invasive medical procedures and products.

During your consultation, we'll examine your skin to determine the type and severity of your acne. Then we'll create a customized treatment protocol to clear your acne and smooth and soften your skin.

Acne: Common Causes

  • Excess sebum: When oil (sebum) from the skin’s sebaceous glands move into pores and toward the surface of the skin, it mixes with bacteria and dead skin cells. Excess sebum magnifies this natural process, clogging pores and creating acne.
  • Bacteria & inflammation: P. acnes or Propionibacterium acnes is a natural bacteria that's part of your skin's maintenance system. Once a pore gets plugged with excess sebum, P. acnes bacteria multiply rapidly, causing inflammation or what's commonly known as a pimple.
  • Cell turnover: Dead skin cells mix with excess sebum, plugging pores and preventing skin from finishing its natural process of renewal or exfoliation. While not acne itself, slow cell turnover can clog pores. This encourages the growth of acne bacteria and can lead to break outs.
  • Hormones: Androgen hormones in teens and adults can cause overactive sebaceous glands, which can lead to plugged pores and rapid multiplication of bacteria. The result is an acne flare-up.

Dr. Clinton and the staff treat your pimples, blackheads, comedones, cystic acne, backne and hormonal breakouts with a variety of highly effective treatments, including SilkPeel™, CureLight, Photodynamic Therapy, IPL/Photofacial, Dermaplane, Chemical Peel, and/or topical and oral antibiotics.

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