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Medical treatments to minimize enlarged pores

As we age, our skin does something we don’t like to think about — it gets lazy.

With each year, the natural exfoliation process of shedding skin cells slows down, resulting in a dull, rough complexion and sometimes even adult acne.

Worse, these dead skin cells (unless properly removed by manual or chemical exfoliation) can clog pores, making them appear much larger than they really are.

Large pores are one of the biggest skin complaints for both men and women. Why? Because they make skin look older and less attractive.

And while inherited pore size isn’t something anyone can control, minimizing enlarged pores is.

The good news is that Dr. Clinton can help. She treats the cause of enlarged pores using Pearl™, Photodynamic Therapy, Laser Genesis, IPL/Photofacial, SilkPeel™, Chemical Peel and the Clarisonic Brush.

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