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Scars and Stretch Marks

Treatments to improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks

Everyone has a scar or stretch mark of some kind. Whether the result of a childhood injury, skin trauma, accident, disease or condition, scars and stretch marks are a natural part of the body’s wound-healing process.

Scars and stretch marks are formed when the skin’s dermis is damaged or torn and the body forms new collagen to repair the damage. The new tissue has a different texture and appearance than the rest of the skin and is known as a scar or stretch mark.

A scar can be linear, raised, thick, depressed, uneven, vascular, hyperpigmented (brown discoloration) or hypopigmented (devoid of color). 

The "fresher" the scar and the more pigment in the stretch mark, the better the response to the treatments Dr. Clinton or her staff may recommend.

As scars and stretch marks age, they tend to get lighter in appearance, making them difficult to treat with lasers or lights. That’s because there is often not enough melanin or hemoglobin for the laser to detect and target.

Acne scars, which often appear as pock marks or pits on the surface of the skin, are commonly associated with people who have experienced moderate to severe acne. Dr. Clinton addresses the treatment of acne scars in a multidimensional approach. This means she may prescribe two or more treatments for best results.

In addition, Dr. Clinton can successfully treat and change the appearance of pigmented scars and stretch marks with these non-invasive, medical advances: Laser Genesis, IPL/Photo Facial, Steroids, and Pearl™.